Resurfacing Your Sporting Court: What To Expect

After every few years, even the best-maintained sporting courts will start to show signs of wear. This happens due to the friction and abrasion caused by the foot activity and ball action on the court, as well as effects of the sun's UV ray and other weather elements such as water and cold. For these reasons, sport courts should be repaired every 5 years or so and much sooner for professional courts. The most commonly sought solution is a resurfacing service. Below, see what this service entails.

Consultative meeting

First, you and the resurfacing team will have a consultative meeting where you will discuss the work to be done. Here, the team will find out what you want the new court to look like in terms of the colours and any other design or structural issues you may be facing. The paving team will then inspect the sport court to evaluate its condition fully. This will allow them to plan the resurfacing process with your custom needs in mind.

Getting rid of the old look

Next, the team will arrive on the scene with their equipment and commence work. During this first stage, they will get rid of the old look on your sporting court. Usually, hand held grinders are used. These are applied to remove the worn top layer of the court. The grinders use diamond-embedded abrasive discs that can work on concrete, asphalt and acrylic surfaces. The goal here is to peel away the old surface and to smoothen the court for a smooth new look.


Here, the paving contractors start putting back the court. First, the repairs are tended to; cracks are filled using joint sealers and pits are levelled using a cement emulsion. Once done, the court is flat, level and without cracks. To resurface the court, an acrylic coat is then installed on the sporting court. The acrylic coat provides a bright, shiny surface that is easy to clean, is highly-durable, and one that offers great skid resistance.


Lastly, the finishing touches are added. This entails painting white lines to mark the court boundaries and the various court lines which will depend on the sport being played on it. These lines help to create a lasting contrast between the different sections of the court, especially if they have different colours.

A resurfaced court lasts longer due to the eliminated repairs. It also offers better gameplay experience, thanks to the smooth, flat playing field. And in regards to sport court repairs, resurfacing is much cheaper than rebuilding the court through adding fresh concrete or asphalt.  

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