Common Asphalt Repair Methods to Consider

The most difficult part of asphalt repair is figuring out which method to choose. From there, you'll need the right equipment and materials to ensure long-lasting and optimal standards. Some methods are more expensive than others, but still less costly than having to fix or redo a failed asphalt repair. Here are some of the more common methods of asphalt repair available to you.

Asphalt patching

Also referred to as surface patching, asphalt patching is an affordable and simple but temporary solution to minor asphalt issues. If you're low on cash or time and are looking to patch up a hole or crack before it gets worse, asphalt patching is a way to go. 

Asphalt patching is recommended only for damage going one or two inches deep. You should also be aware that it's just a temporary fix. Asphalt patching doesn't last forever (depending on weather conditions, how often it's used, etc), and it needs to be regularly checked on. You'll eventually need to apply a more permanent solution.

Full-depth asphalt repair

Full-depth asphalt repair involves replacing your entire pavement system. You should only choose this option if the damage has reached the point where it has gone deep below the surface of the pavement. Concentrated asphalt damage like severe distress, pavement failure, and cracking can result in multiple issues like crumbling and massive potholes across the property.

In this case, the damage has become such that it's reached the pavement's very foundation — the stone base. Once this is damaged, it's next to impossible for it to be repaired while it remains in the ground. The entire foundation essentially would need to be dug up. Full-depth asphalt repair reinforces a weakened stone base and ensures stronger structural integrity that will last for years.  

Asphalt crack filling

If small cracks are showing up on the surface of your asphalt, you may think it's harmless. But it indicates a far deeper issue. They often come from invisible, deeper cracks that begin beneath the surface. You should look into the problem to uncover what's causing them. In the meantime, cracks should be repaired before they become potholes, which, in the long run, result in more structural damage.

If your asphalt pavement is in disrepair, you should seek out a long-lasting, cost-effective solution. A leading contractor with experience in the asphalt industry and who can stand by their work will be your safest bet for a new pavement you can be proud of. 

For more info about asphalt repairs, contact a local company. 

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