Top Tips for Maintaining Natural Stone Flooring

When you think about it, anything used in its natural form has always harboured more of a sense of unique aesthetic value than manufactured or artificial materials. It is precisely what natural stone flooring gets you and that might explain its widespread use in commercial facilities. The best part is that natural stone is enduring and outlasts many other flooring options, such as wood. However, you can only enjoy the long-lasting benefits of natural stone if you keep it well maintained. This article highlights critical tips for maintaining natural stone flooring.  

Annual Resealing -- Once natural stone flooring is installed, a sealant is applied to protect the floor from adverse effects of moisture buildup. If you use quality sealants, the flooring should last long. However, it is recommended that resealing be conducted annually rather than wait for the sealant to wear off. The reason is that unlike residential property, where foot traffic is limited, commercial facilities experience a lot of foot traffic every day. Therefore, the sealant tends to wear off faster than sealants used in residential natural stone floors. Thus, resealing the surface annually ensures that a natural stone floor can withstand the adverse impact of weather conditions and high foot traffic.  

Polish Twice a Day -- The sheen on the surface of most natural stones, such as marble, is what gives the stones the high aesthetic value. Throw in the sealant and a glossy finish, and the results are an impeccable floor that is easy and pleasing to the eyes. However, to protect the sheen and keep the floor shinning at all times, it is recommended that you polish it twice a day — in the morning and the evening. The reason is that during the day, commercial facilities see a lot of activities with all manner of objects being dragged on the flooring. Additionally, customers spill different liquids of varying temperatures on the floors, thereby tarnishing the gloss. For this reason, property managers must ensure natural stones are polished every morning and evening to ensure the floor maintains its sheen.  

Install Abrasive Mats -- The last thing you want on your natural stone flooring is abrasive debris because the particles etch marks on the surface of the floor. It is mainly the case for debris that is lodged under customers' footwear. Besides, coarse debris can cause trouble when dragged as cleaners sweep the floor. By installing coarse mats, you allow people to swipe their shoes to remove any rough particles lodged underneath. If you eliminate abrasive material from the surface of natural stone, the longevity is enhanced significantly.

Natural stone flooring can be a good option for your property. Consider the points above to keep it maintained. 

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