Why You Should Consider Digging a Soakwell for Your Property

One of the calamities that many homeowners dread is water damage. Water damage results typically from rainwater that does not drain off the property well, leading to flooding and plumbing problems. Water damage can lead to the destruction of appliances, rotting of structures that support the foundation, mould damage, and even total house collapse.

One simple yet effective way to protect your home from water damage caused by rainwater is creating a soakwell within your compound. A soakwell is an underground structure designed to dispose of excessive water. Here are three main benefits that you get from digging a soakwell for your property.

Protecting the Home from Damage

Most of the places where soakwells are required have a thin layer of topsoil and clay beneath them. This soil structure is challenging because a little rainwater can settle next to the foundation, and when the soil becomes saturated, your foundation will start settling.

When you set up a soakwell, you make sure that all excess water is draining off the building and that the structural integrity of your home will not be compromised at any point. Soakwells prevent cracks, leaks, flooding, and all other types of water damage to the home.

Following the Building Code of Conduct

There are certain regulations that every homeowner is supposed to follow when they are building their homes. First, it is illegal for you to direct rainwater from your home and your roof to a neighbour's property because you are unable to dispose of it correctly.

When you install a soakwell, you ensure the rainwater from your house is turned into groundwater. This protects your property and that of your neighbours from any unnecessary damages. Note that a soakwell also protects the soil around the house from erosion.

Protecting Paved Surfaces

Paved surfaces are supposed to withstand minimal interaction with water. However, when water stagnates on or around them, they soak it in and start developing weaknesses. Since the water is not clean, the surface might stain and become unsightly.

Additionally, the water can create cracks, bubbles and cause peeling and sagging of the concrete surfaces. This ultimately shortens the lifespan of the surfaces, something that a simple soakwell can eliminate.

Installing a soakwell is one of the easy and very effective ways to control water damage in the home. Take time and consult with a competent professional to dig and install all the components of a soakwell to ensure that water drains off your property.

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