Front and Backyard Problems That You Can Solve with Stone Pavers

Both your backyard and curb view may be suffering from various issues that revolve around safety and aesthetics. One possible solution is to spread stone pavers around your property. Consider the following problems, in particular, you can resolve with such an upgrade.

Cracked Concrete Driveways

If the entrance to your home includes an unsightly cracked driveway, you're not doing it justice. To fix things, you could cover the area with beautiful stone pavers instead. Concrete often cracks because of tiny earth movements to which a solid cement slab can't flex. Because pavers sit on a crushed rock and sand base, they can adapt to shifting ground without breaking. Plus, the lovely stone hues and textures will enhance your curb view.

Boring Patios

You may have invested in your indoors, creating beautiful living spaces. But what about the outdoor areas? The patio flooring, covering the entire expanse, is a vast design component. Thus, updating this surface will transform the overall look of your outdoors. Stone pavers come in different species such as travertine, sandstone, slate, and granite, and each of these offers an array of hues like blue, green, beige, ivory, and tan.

Additionally, you can combine shapes to create patterns. For example, lay rectangular pavers to form a running bond pattern, or create arches and circles by laying diagonally cut pavers. Herringbone and ashlar provide other popular options. 

Slippery Surfaces

Another problem that you can fix with pavers is a muddy lawn or concrete surface that creates puddles in which people can slip and fall. Pavers sit on a base of crushed rock and sand, specifically designed to drain water. Thus, with paver flooring, you won't have to wade through slippery bogs in your backyard.

Lack of Shed Access 

You might have a handy shed in the backyard. However, sometimes the problem is accessibility. The shed might be out of the way in the back corner of the yard without a pathway. Pavers form stable pathways along which you can push lawnmowers and bicycles more easily than on grass. You may get more use out of the shed with more convenient access. 

Thus, attractive natural stone pavers can help you with several yard issues. You can get rid of an unsightly cracked concrete driveway that ruins the curb view. Plus, you can upgrade your patio with colours and textures to create a beautiful area. Pavers also provide a practical, stable surface, giving access to sheds and whatnot.

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Both your backyard and curb view may be suffering from various issues that revolve around safety and aesthetics. One possible solution is to spread st

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